ServiceNow is a complete set of applications based on the ITIL framework, built on a single platform, designed to automate service management processes. All ServiceNow applications are built on the same award-winning world class ServiceNow platform.
All ServiceNow applications are built on the same award-winning ServiceNow platform. No acquired technologies; no internal integrations to build; a single data model; a single user interface; and a single approach to administration. ServiceNow makes it easy.
Forrester Research estimates 29% of North American IT budgets are spent on software related costs like licensing, maintenance, operations and development. ServiceNow significantly reduces these costs, giving our customers substantial savings and a competitive edge.

Our Services

Incident Management

Service disruptions happen in business everyday resulting in lost man hours, revenue and reputation. Ignited Minds Incident management solution on ServiceNow helps you identify, report on and manage incidents through their life cycle. It centralizes all your incident management needs, improves end user experiences and drives service improvement. Our combination of people, process and technology spearheads your business to success.

Problem Management

Problem management helps IT investigate the root cause of an incident through structured problem analysis, document solutions and workarounds in the knowledge base. Ignited Minds Problem management solutions with ServiceNow increases your business productivity, proactively reduces service disruptions, improves your team transparency and communications – all helping you work towards your business goals.

Change Management

Change is the new constant, and with change comes risk. Change management helps protect IT and businesses from adverse effects of unplanned or uncontrolled change. Ignited Minds incisive ServiceNow partnered team helps businesses integrate change processes across IT, reduce costs involved with business critical service downtime, improve service relationships, manage and control change, gain insight into change and release incidents. Our change management solutions make you harness change positively.

Service Catalog

ServiceNow™ Service Catalog enables organizations to charge forward with their digital transformation and deliver a wide range of products and services through a modern and user‑friendly storefront. Users enjoy greater self‑service satisfaction and faster request fulfillment just as they do on their favorite consumer sites. The Service Catalog codelessly automates workflows and approvals to enable organizations to improve the customer experience, accelerate service delivery and reduce operational costs. The Service Catalog’s APIs make using internal portals easy – no heavy scripting or customization required.


Workflow provides a drag-and-drop interface for automating multi-step processes across the platform. Each workflow consists of a sequence of activities, such as generating records, notifying users of pending approvals, or running scripts. The graphical Workflow Editor represents workflows visually as a type of flowchart. It shows activities as boxes labeled with information about that activity and transitions from one activity to the next as lines connecting the boxes.

Portals and Dashboard

With a robust underlying ITSM system generating volumes of information, it is critical for IT organizations to be able to leverage the right information to guide their decision making. Based on its advisory and implementation experience at numerous clients, Ignited Minds brings its unique value in setting up the right content management and dashboard that maximizes Customer’s investment in its ITSM platform.


Helping clients to implement Asset management,CMDB & Relationships on ServiceNow platform with accurate and detailed information of your IT assets.


Create an accurate & up-to-date single system of record for your IT infrastructure assets and services. CMDB automations.

Automated Test Framework

Automated Test Plan in Service now to run automated tests on your ServiceNow instance to confirm that the instance still works as designed after being upgraded or modified.


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